Photo Assignments

Lightroom editing 24 shotsย 


Botanical Lay Flat Series


Graduation Covers

Man and nature

Me and myself



Senior portrait sittingย 

For my pictures I went to 3 different locations the black and white pictures were shot in my room one with the curtain as my background and the other too at my plane wall. The other 4 pictures of my little cousin with the butterfly shirt were shot at the soccer complex parking lot in sierra lakes. Her and the ones taken at my room were shot with flash. I decided to shoot the ones at the complex during sunset because it gave her a nice background of pink and light purple sky. The last 3 were of my guy cousins shot in the front of my house I used my neighbors house and wall as my background as well. His I did not need flashlight because his were taken early in the morning and the sun was my source. To edit I used Snapseed and Lightroom. I feel my pictures came out good especially the black and white ones everyone liked how they turned out everyone’s favorite were the black and white ones. I feel I could of done better way better using an actual camera not my phone but its ok I have to work with what I got. For my processing techniques I did a lot of white balancing Boosted my contrast on some, turned up my shadows on some and some I added more highlight.ย 


Public and private self portraitย 




Oil Painting



Emotion series



Wassily style



Sandy Skuglund styleย 

ย -Inside garden




Social Issue poster

Shadow series of 4

Toy photography


Vintage “Tin types”

For all these pictures I took them under the app Snapseed edited it there using the portrait and pop up filter which turned my images black and white with a little of brown in it then I added the vintage andย  grainy film as well as adding frames 8 andย  5. Lastly added my text box where I put my watermark. After that I transferred my images to Tintype where I added another layer of films I added film v4 and v5 and layer 19 for it t look like it had scratches and dust and lastly went over them again with one more layer and I used layers 1 and 3. And that’s what it took to make my images look vintage.ย 

Self portrait/ montage

Rule of third
rule of third

Rule of third
rule of third